The Unlimited Design and Engineering Team You Need

Overwhelmed? Overworked? Your reputation relies heavily on quality outputs that need large teams. It is not easy to grow an agency in today’s market. Fragmented markets, heavy competition, high costs of talent, and fluctuating client workloads are among the many challenges agencies face. Our experienced team helps industrial design agencies increase profitability by lowering development costs, and provides the flexibility to scale up or down as needed to align with client demand.

We Enable Great Product

We collaborate with top designers and design firms to bring their vision to life by applying creativity, experience, and sound engineering principles to solve difficult problems. This is what we love to do. We focus all our investments on being the best product design and engineering support company we can be. 

Visualization Studio

For your design and client teams, we create high resolution, photo-realistic, computer-generated imagery, and animations. Whether it is to convince client marketing teams, or for crowdfunding and Online Marketplace launch, we help visualize what is needed for success. 

Note: Render Farm time Is charged for separately and will be communicated via messaging

Industrial Design Integration

We collaborate with your clients and designers to improve the mechanical integrity and manufacturability of the industrial design. This ID is then preserved through development and manufacturing. 


Our team will leverage a library of over 10,000 features that we have built over the last 12+ years. These include

Mechanical Concept Development

We support your product experience design with clever, elegant, and robust mechanical concepts to solve difficult engineering problems.

Detailed Design for Manufacturing

We use the latest CAD tools – CREO, Fusion360, and deep knowledge of many manufacturing processes to develop tool-ready data for custom mechanical and electrical components. Extensive NPI experience informs the designs.  

Prototype Vendor Management

Between India and China, we have an ecosystem of go-to partners just about any process.  

Manufacturing Partner Liaison

Every manufacturing partner has a unique set of capabilities and preferences. We work closely with them to play to their strengths where possible and offer creative solutions as needed. 

Built With Agencies in Mind


In real time with your scalable team. Add us to your Slack or Microsoft Teams channels.
See FAQs for time zones  

Unlimited Revisions​

Each product, design, or detail can be revised as many times as it takes to get it to work 

Affordable Professional Team

Work with battle-tested professionals only


Our team will use a library of over 10,000 part or assembly features, materials and finishes, and best practices

Work that Works

Our team has created over 400 projects for over 60 brands 

100% Ownership​

Except for any prior art, you have 100% ownership of the files the moment we deliver them to you. 

No Hiring. No Training

We take care of the headache of sourcing talent so you can concentrate on growing your agency. 

Breadth and Depth

Why rely on one freelance designer, when you can get a team with over 20 discrete skills to see your ideas through? 

Flexible and Scalable

No Contracts! Our Flexible 30-day subscriptions allow you to upgrade or pause your subscription at any time. 

Not Sure if this is for you?

We understand that this is a big decision for your agency which is why we’re happy to hop on a phone call to discuss your needs prior to joining. 

Copyright 2012-2021 Bang Studio Private Limited

Zetsy was established in 2012 and is the largest provider of unlimited product development services in the known universe

©Copyright 2012-2021 Bang Studio Private Limited

Zetsy was established in 2012 and is the largest provider of unlimited product development services in the known universe