Sample List of Past Products and Projects

This is an indicative and not exhaustive list of projects we have worked on or own intellectual property related to

Auto Consumer Electhonics and Communications Health Care Utility and Industhials
Automobile Accessories Bicycle Audio - Earphones Blood Pressure Monitor Augmented Reality Accessories
Battery Design Coffee Maker Audio - Headphones Breast Examination Device 5G Broadcast
Battery Swap Infrastructure Coffee Maker Drip Audio Products including speakers Continuous Blood Sugar Monitoring 5G RAN Hardware Enclosure
Electric Vehicles general (EV) Coffee Maker Pressure Camera - Artificial Intelligence Eye Testing - Portable Electronics Antenna
EV - 2W Cooker - Automated Camera - Internet Connected Eye Testing Equipment Asset Tracker
EV - 2W with Pedal Cooker - Automated, with Pressure Camera - Outdoor Head Mounted Diagnostics Backpack - Industrial and Food
EV - Scooter Cooker - Pressure Chargers - Indoor and Outdoor Hearing Aid Battery
EV - 3 Wheeler Cooker - Pressure Electric Drone - Consumer Selfie Camera Inhalers Battery Box
EV Cargo Bicycle Cricket - Ball Thrower Portable Glasses - Augmented Reality Multiple Parameter Diagnostics device Cricket - Ball Throwing Equipment
EV Chargers Cricket - Ball Throwing Equipment Glasses - HUD Non-Invasive Photoplethysmography-Based monitoring devices Defence - Electronics
Sports Car - Exterior Cricket - Helmet Handheld Computers - Industrial Oxygen Concentrator Defence - Handheld Radio
Sports Car - Interior Dishwasher Handheld Computers - Rugged Oxygen Generator Defence - Manpack
Tire/ Tyre Treads Fan Ceiling Head Mount Sensors Patch - Cardiac Measurements Defence - Software Defined Radio
Pick-Up Truck Bed Fan Ceiling BLDC Motor Headset - Augmented Reality Patient Monitoring Systems Dispenser - Beverages
Pick-Up Truck Accessories Hair Trimmer Headset - Virtual Reality Pulse Oximeter Dispenser - coffee beans
Smart Helmet Home - Sterilizers UVC Network CPE - Indoor Scanner CT Scan Drone - Delivery
Home - Thermostat Network CPE - Outdoor Scanner MRI Drone - Imaging and Mapping
Home Water Purification Payment Devices - Cards+D59 Scanner X-Ray Drone - injection moulded shell
Home Water Reverse Osmosis Payment Devices - ISO 7810 form Sterilizers - Microwave Hardhat - Air Conditioned
Inhalable Aerosol delivery Payment Devices - MultiCard Sterilizers - Thermal Hardhat - Industrial
Inhalable Heat-Not-Burn Cannabis Payment Devices - Near Field Sterilizers - UVC Hardhat - smart
Inhalable Heat-Not-Burn Hemp Payment Devices - Portable Syringe Pump Industrial Tools - Powered
Inhalable Heat-Not-Burn Tobacco Phones - Feature Phones Thermometers Inverter
Inhalable salt delivery mechanisms Phones - rugged Tricorder Kiosks - Outdoor
Inhalable Vape Products Phones - SmartPhones Warmer Portable power equipment
Inverter Power Banks - Portable Wearable - Ear Lobe Portable power equipment - Outdoors
Kitchen BLDC Motor Appliance Power Banks - Solar Charged Radar
Kitchen Chai Brewer Power Banks - Wireless Retail Store Fittings
Kitchen Hot and Cold Blender Radio - Handheld RF Module
Kitchen Milk Shaker Radio - Vehicle Mount Robot - Area Sterilizing
Kitchen Mixer Routers - Home Robot - Humanoid
Kitchen Nut Milk Maker Routers - Outdoor Robot - Material Handling
Kitchen Soup Maker Satellite Phone Satellite IoT Modem
Lighting Satellite Radio Sights and Scopes with camera
Power Supply - Portable Storage - Disc Drives - Consumer Solar PV Panels Various Forms
Power Supply - Uninterrrupted Storage - Disc Drives - Enterprise Storage Accessories Various
Refrigerator Storage - Solid State - Consumer Storage Lockers
Shoe Soles Storage - Solid State - Enterprise Toilets
Sports Protective Gear Tablets Toilets with BioDigester
Tools - MultiTools Tablets - rugged Vehicle Mounts for Electronics
Tools - Pocket Tools Trackers - Bluetooth based Water - Flow Sensor
Torch Trackers - GPS based Water Filter for Harvesting
Travel Accessories Ultimate Mobile Portable Computers (UMPC) Water Purifier - mineral based
Vaporisers Wearable - Child Tracker Water Purifiers - Community
Washing Machine Wearable - Finger Ring worn Water Purifiers - School
Wearable - Patch
Wearable - Wrist Worn
Wearables - Rugged
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